Whitefox Funding

Whitefox Funding can source property development funding on competitive terms on facilities up to £20 million at a gearing ratio of up to 100% loan to cost.

In this ever changing market we can get you access to the funds quickly to help you start building when the opportunity arises. Funding can include land acquisition costs with interest and fees charged at negotiable competitive rates (rolled up & excluded from gearing calculation). Please see below for the different options that are available to you.

Development Finance

Utilising trusted and established private equity funds along with our own private investors we are can offer finance on developments between £500,000 to £20,000,000.

Typical term of our loans are between 12-24 months with 85% loan to cost / 65% loan to GDV. (These are negotiable as additional private high value investor & mezzanine funding are also available which means in some circumstances we can actually finance up to 100%)

Mezzanine Development Finance

A mezzanine or mezz loan is second charge debt provided to house builders in order to ‘top up’ the level of finance on a particular development project.


Build to Let Finance

Development funding for letting / private sector rental for professional landlords with a minimum of 3 units. Loans up to £10,000,000. Lending up to 65% open market value OR 75% restricted investment value. Planning consent must be unrestricted (units capable of being sold to owner occupiers). The lender will seek a rental valuation in addition to a sales value.

Pre Development Bridging Finance

Provided to acquire a site or existing building for development. Suitable when fast site completion is required to hold and enhance planning. Loans up to £3,000,000. Up to 60% LTV existing habitable buildings OR 50% LTV bare land with planning / derelict buildings. Client required to make a capital contribution to the loan. Valuation based on ‘Existing Use Planning’ and LTV calculated by independent valuers.

Lending Criteria

Each application is assessed and negotiated on its individual merits but the following general criteria will apply:

The development:
• Residential developments: houses, flats, new build, conversions and mixed-use
• Projects located in the South of England, in areas with strong demand.
• All loans are secured on the development property.
• Projects must have outlined planning in place.

The developer:
• Experienced developers / commercial builders
• Demonstrable track record.

Our loans are tailor-made to fit the requirements of each proposed development project.

Please note that the FCA does not regulate most forms of Development Finance.

Please contact us should you have an opportunity you would like to discuss further.