An undersea empire

The year 3000 may not have reached us yet but underwater living already  has!  Dubai’s new underwater hotel is already nearing completion and it’s only a matter of time before the hotel will be open for business. The new sea friendly accommodation will be named The ‘Water Discus Hotel’ and  definitely looks like something a bond villain would use as a holiday home.  The underwater section is located up to 10 meters deep and is composed of 21 hotel rooms adjacent to the submerged dive center and bar. Discs above the surface allow visitors to enjoy the sunshine and new found technology along with macro photography allows them to explore the deep from within the safety of their hotel bed.

Worried of possible disasters? Don’t fret, as the submerged discs are programmed to rise in the event of danger and the top discs are strong enough to withstand tsunamis.  However, this hotel is not the first to explore the depths of the ocean. That title goes to the Maldives Rangali islands resort which features a submerged aquarium and a few residential areas. It also claims to have future plans ‘to create a floating golf course on islands, with players able to access each island via underground tunnels.’
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